Model MULTI CORE X6 ze swoim unikatowym designem w formie motyla utrzyma temperaturę Twojego laptopa na niskim poziomie dzięki 4 wentylatorom.
Chłodzenie za pomocą wielu wentylatorów
Black Butterfly
MULTI CORE X6 has a revolutionary appearance design compared to traditional notebook coolers. MUTLI CORE X6 is designed with a beautiful black butterfly arrangement with 4 fans disposed in a 2x2 matrix. This black beauty not only provides superb cooling, but also can be admired as a masterwork of high-tech aesthetic by itself.
Multi-core Control Technology
4 built-in fans deliver high airflow volume for cooling the entire notebook base with no blind area. The cooler is guaranteed to dissipate heat from the hottest locations, such as the HDD or VGA card area.
Creative Multi-Core Control Technology enables users to select from one of the 4 different fan operating combinations to adapt to various intensities of notebook heating: 4 fans ON / 2 upper fans ON / 2 downside fans ON / 4 fans OFF.
2 Viewing Angles
Fixed 9° ergonomic viewing angle to maximize comfort when reading documents, watching videos, and playing games. This viewing angle is also designed for notebook stability and safety.
2 USB Ports
Provided with 2 built-in USB 2.0 ports, allowing external USB devices to be connected to MULTI CORE X6, perfect for mobile phone charging or data transfer.
Adjustable Supporting Feet
Spacious gap between the supporting feet retraction compartment and cooler base allows easy unfolding to provide users with an optimal notebook viewing angle.
Specyfikacja Techniczna
Wymiary całkowite 380X295X24mm
Wymiary wentylatora 140X15mm/100X15mm
Waga netto 900g
Typ łożyska Łożysko hydrauliczne
Napięcie znamionowe 5VDC
Napięcie robocze 4.5~5VDC
Napięcie rozruchu 4VDC
Prąd znamionowy 0.2±10%~0.45±10%A
Wejście mocy 1W~2.25W
Prędkość wentylatora 1000±10%RPM/1300±10%RPM
Maks. Przepływ powietrza 121.4CFM
Hałas 24dB(A)
EAN 6933412725220
P/N DP-N422-MCX6