Kawaii Style
Cute Bunny
This novel notebook cooler sports a super cute bunny and three carrots. The bunny declares: I’m a cooling rabbit who loves carrots and cool air! I’m N2!
Cyan Finishing
To highlight the attraction-factor of N2, a cyan metal mesh panel was selected to provide a lighthearted, cooling atmosphere. The cyan N2 revolutionizes the black and white scheme of traditional notebook coolers.
Super Cute Cooling
Hidden underneath the kawaii features of N2 is its powerful and superb cooling performance. Massive metal mesh panel and 18 cm fan delivers quiet and effective cooling to your notebook.
Massive Fan
N2 comes with a built-in 18 cm fan that operates at 1,150 RPM, delivering an airflow of 84.7 CFM. The fan provides excellent cooling performance and runs at a low noise level of only 20 dB(A).
Light Blue Cooling Panel
The light blue panel allows adequate through-airflow. Powered by the massive fan unit, N2 offers superb cooling performance for your notebook.
Slim Portability
The slim, small, and lightweight N2 is easily portable. Simply take it with you with your notebook in the backpack to achieve cooling wherever you go.
Smart Viewing Angle
This slim bunny cooler comes with 2 viewing angles. Switch between the default 0o or 8o when working or when watching a movie.
Kawaii Bunny
The designer has provided a cute bunny and three carrots onto this notebook cooler. This is the first notebook cooler that combines a kawaii style and hardware.
Cyan Color Scheme
The cyan metal mesh panel gives a cool visual effect and a cooling touch. The panel is designed to allow optimal passage for cooling airflow.
Data Jumping
USB passthrough technology allows easy data jump and access to a connected storage device. The USB cable can be easily stashed away in a back panel to improve cooler organization.
Super Slim
N2 has a 23-mm super slim design. The cooler is slim, light, and very portable. Easily take it to wherever you need to go.
Force Lock Design
N2 is furnished with many user-friendly designs. The foldable feet automatically lock to the default position when the feet are moved slightly.
Specyfikacja Techniczna
Wymiary całkowite 380X260X26mm
Wymiary wentylatora 180X15mm
Waga netto 640g
Typ łożyska Łożysko hydrauliczne
Napięcie znamionowe 5VDC
Napięcie robocze 4.5~5VDC
Napięcie rozruchu 4VDC
Prąd znamionowy 0.25±10%A
Wejście mocy 1.25W
Prędkość wentylatora 1150±10%RPM
Maks. Przepływ powietrza 84.7CFM
Hałas 20dB(A)
EAN (Black) 6933412775201
P/N (Black) DP-N112-N2
EAN (White) 6933412775256
P/N (White) DP-N112-N2W
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